About Us


As export-oriented textile producer, Tuline Textile has been established in Mersinli, Izmir, in 2004 and has started to produce within the garment segment. Today, Tuline Textile continues to produce knitted and woven fashionable textile goods and exports them mostly to the EU countries, especially to Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. Tuline runs its exporting activities on its own, independent from any other company, or contractors.

All production processes ; such as fabric cutting-sewing, quality control and the washing processes are done within the company.


The  core principle of Tuline Textile is to achieve “Business Excellence” and to keep this principle as a general understanding throughout the company. Also, by being open to new ideas as usual and continuously strengthening quality awareness; Tuline is targeting to keep its output and services up to date and above the general industry standards.